To dance with the wind…

‘Twas only a game, merely a show-

when many a child flew off into the night.

Poor Mary.

Under the trees and through dense foliage.

The leaves inked with the dead of night

and trunks pushing the shadows with all their might.

Poor Mary pale as the placid moonlight.

Once upon a time, there was a village set in a wood so fine and dense with opportunity. A night of gale and devils dew: a possibility unseen by the villagers, happy and content behind a veil of ivy and leaves. As every man and women slept peacefully in their beds; the children fitted and fretted instead. For just beyond every window pane, the wind playfully tapped and danced away.

The days grew long for tired wee boys and girls. “We’ll make a plan” She said. “When heads hit pillows let feet hit soil as we dance with the wind and air.” So it was done, and when daylight hours were gone, children would play in crystal air.

Cold: the ground was cold on their bare feet. Patiently they waited.

The crisp air embraced them all with clawed hands and springing feet. They played and whirled and whistled through the night. Around and around with each new gust; further and further, through brambles and logs. Glistening eyes and pointed red lips. The night gave way to new places and noises but a bubble and a gurgle broke through their senses.

‘Pon reaching the river they all turned on home, for the cold was upon them and the day was arriving. So they all left; all but one. The child whirled and bound so caught in the web of dark beauty and cold caress. But slow the water did make you and fast was the wind. Breathe child, breathe.

Poor Mary.

(Author’s note: this is one of the first ever short stories I was able to finish, having only ever written poetry before hand. It was done as part of an assessment about 4 years ago in school and this is the unedited version (sorry), I’ve never been a confident writer but hopefully I’ve improved since then and fingers crossed this will inspire me to write more short stories and improve my writing- anyway I’ll stop blabbering now and thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! 🙂 )


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